Bruce Marion – Abstract

We are all on a path or journey, whether to a physical, spiritual, or emotional place. In his artwork, Bruce Marion sets out to explore that journey, translating the landscapes of personal growth into color and canvas. His abstracts reflect the circular nature of much of man’s quest for understanding, and the delicate balance of one’s relationships. When referring to the circle as metaphor, Marion notes “I like the fact that no single point on a circle is more important than any other point.

Every point on the path is an equally important part of the journey. Whether we think of it as a good or bad experience, it’s all leading us to our destination.” He continues the exploration of the journey in his figurative work, seeking to capture the essence of what it is to be human. “I am not so much interested in the details of the person, but more about their spirit and inner light. Our capacity for grace, compassion, and love are themes that I find very compelling,” says the artist. Again, the circle has a strong presence, reflecting the internal dialogues that unite us all, providing a subtextual counterpoint to the figure’s outward persona.