Mac Stevenson – Lanscapes

Mac Stevenson resides on the west facing foothills of the Wasatch mountain range. This setting provides an elevated view of the valley which often is illustrated by spectacular sunsets. One might say Mac’s paintings are a product of his environment where his surroundings intuitively are manifested while he paints. Also, the use of spontaneous brush strokes is evident in his style of oil painting. Painting as a contemporary impressionist, is more of a feeling than an intellectual process. Yet Mac’s university training comes forward in his application of color theory which he taught his students and now applies to his style of painting. A combination of strong design, color theory and intuitive painting has created a style unique to Mac Stevenson. During his years of teaching, he was chosen by Utah State University in 1994, as the Utah High School Teacher of the Year. In 2002 the University of Utah honored Mac as one of the finest artists in Utah. Upon retiring, he began painting full time and for the past several years has participated in the Scottsdale, Arizona Celebration of Fine Arts, along with 100 of the finest artists from throughout the United States.