Second Annual “Celebration of Artists”

“Summers Best”

As the Courtyard Gallery begins its 29th year, we proudly present our second annual “Celebration of Artists” show Saturday April 28th and Sunday April 29th, 11:00-5:00 both days.  This year we have added several very gifted artists, some are painters, others are glass artists and many photographers from the U.S.A and Europe.  A wealth of new creative talent has joined the gallery.

Lenore Senovic, an oil painter, with over 30 years of experience, describes herself as an expressionist dedicated to color, emotion and texture in every stroke of her brush.  Her figurative work reflects the depth and softness needed to complete her intended vision.

Charles Schadel’s oil paintings are about exploring the beauty of nature.  His work reflects the glorious color, shapes and emotional reactions created when he paints out- doors.  Back in the studio, a field study may evoke new feelings and a desire to translate it into a larger in depth creation.

Karen Van Dam Michmerhuizen calls herself a late bloomer.  She didn’t start painting full time until her children were all reared and she had retired from being an academic secretary.  An oil painter at heart, she likes to observe light and shadow, color and shape at various times of a day.  Using brushes and a palette knife gives her an excitement that she likes to share with her viewers.

Deena Arnold makes hand painted creations on designer natural wood furniture.  Her artwork is a combination of many artistic influences.  Bright colors are offset with black and white patterns.  Realism is blended with graphic, and each element stands out on its own while at the same time creating balance and harmony.

Today, we are celebrating the life and passing of our dear friend Ric R. Benda. Ric was a world renowned abstract floral artist with over 450 international and national awards to his credit.  A native of Chicago he attended the Art Institute, and eventually became a member of the prestigious Art Club of Chicago.  In 1995 he was one of two recipients to win the prestigious “Award of Excellence” from the  Municipal Art League “Artist of the Year” award.  And there is so much more.

Although watercolor was Ric’s first love, he admitted to equally loving all forms of media.  He just loved to paint.  Painting calls for color, emotion, texture, power and last but not least one’s own personal love and dedication in every brush stroke .  “Art is Personal”, but it can also be a very moving spiritual expression from within where the artist can feel almost possessed at times.  This was Ric Benda, a very special artist and a friend to so many.

The Courtyard Gallery is located at 813 E. Buffalo St. New Buffalo, Michigan. Our hours are Mon. thru Sunday 11:00-5:00, Tues. by appointment.  For more information call: 800-291-9287 or email:

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